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Sedar tak sedar, dah 8 tahun jadi seorang bekerjaya. Dari kerja senang ke tekanan sampai terlebih-lebih. Dari seorang junior executive ke M-level. Tapi sebenarnya tak kira which lebel you are, the amount of stress you're getting is the same, cuma benda yang stress tu lain. Masa exec, you just jeed to worry about your work, tapi as you progressing in your career, you have to think about others too. 
I have been the same position for three years now. The headach would be, it is either you, your boss or your colleague. Tak boleh lari. So, siapa kata jadi boss tu best, think twice. That is why they are paid with more money. 

love minus two

Five years ago, i have lost a sister. It was a sudden death where none of us prepared for. It was tough to deal with the losing of someone you are close to. Especially in just one night, they are gone forever. 
Last year, I lost my father. He finally succumb to his cancer after years of fighting. Aturan Allah tu cantik, after I told them that I have Fariz and we planned to get married in two years (since none of us actually thought that we are going to fall for each other and seriously getting married), he said NO! Bukanlah no, he doesn't like Fariz, it is was no for our plan to get married in two years. He wanted us to be married the soonest possible. Terkedu juga kami masa tu, mana mau cari duit maaa?! But again, aturan Allah tu cantik, Dia sebaik-baik perancang, we had our akad within a year time (my mom initial plan was for us to get married in April, lagi pengsan!). Mampu jugalah kahwin dalam masa yang singkat. Huhuhuhu
And again, aturan Allah tu cantik. Our wedding, Papa put i…


I think I need to start blogging again. Kadang-kadang terlampau sesak sampai semput (tak adalah semput yang betul semput). Being in my position is not easy. Terkadang nak terjun dari tingkat 4 biar tergantung orang nampak. (Nauzzublah, but yep it was that hard).