Tuesday, July 30, 2013

i am here

Was I wrong to be by your side when thing got rough, or should I just leave you alone with your own miseries?
Was I wrong to fight for you, to be with you or should I just let you drift away?

I might not be the pillar, your strength to keep you from falling to the ground, but I will never gonna leave you to face your hard time along

I rather be with you through the hardship, to share your pain than only exists in your glory days

I rather be unappreciated than being a trophy..
At least you know I was there, I was there by your side when the world was against you..

27 July 2013

Just keep swimming!

If you want move forward, something have to change. Alah, macam kita nak berjalan, kita kena melangkah, kena gerakkan kaki, makanya kaki kit...