Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So, I am sitting here in Sushi King, having my comfort food.

Well, I always have the tendency to eat(more to always actually) whenever I am depressed or after a bad conversation etc. (Hence to why I am getting fatter).

I am trying my hardest to please everybody. Parents, family, lilD, friends, employer, well, just everybody. Here we come to the point where I am just tired.

Cerita pasal lilD, we had arguments, during raya. Eh, Selamat Hari Raya by the way!

Ok, we had arguments, so since that I am trying my hardest not to be offended, to care, to feel, well, to be heartless in short. Kan, selalu ada masalah where I feel he thinks that I should be a robot without a heart so that I would stop getting hurt for stupid little things. So, that happened.

Sudahnya, he said I am being cold towards him. I don't think anything change, I am happy head over heels whenever I got to meet him. Just, I can't afford to feel anything, anymore to stop getting hurt.

I am trying to please him, to be heartless, so that we won't go to the same road of him accusing me to be upset for everything, when I am a human who has feelings.

So there you go, I guess heartless makes you cold.

Just keep swimming!

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