Wednesday, May 6, 2009

..pengceria hari di sini..


officially, pengajian aku kt utem dah tamat.
but i'll be here for another week utk masum..

wut i'll miss d most when i leave this place?

definitely, friends..

regardless my classmates, housemates, roommates, course mates, teammates n et cetera.

these few years, there are several friends i got close to. they're the best friends that i cud ever had during my years here. n i definitely wont forget them.

hunys~ i knew her dr mtrx lagi. she's one of the best a friend cud ever ask for. dia x judge org n accept a person the way she/he is. she'salways there. n dat's wut i love the most abt her. she's always there whenever u needed her.

ainina~ knal masa MHS. da jd rumet utk 2 tahun da. she knows almost everything.. a hottie yg dsenangi ramai n definitely not a bimbo, she's a brainer. fun to b with, a gud mate n that's no doubt.n u can count on her whenever u need sum1.

liza~ housemate mase 2nd yr..bole d harap especially masa2 x tjangka..n ade je benda de ckp yg bole mceriakn suasana. n kalu nk nasihat yg firm, she's d one to listen to..

dba~ knal masa volley 1st yr..nth mcmane she's easy to talk to.n dat's how d friendship develops. kawan yg baik, dan sengal =p bole d bawa bgurau n definitely can cheer u up

eila~ akak yg da tua tp perangai cam budak2..huhu ade je lagak yg bole wat org gelak..huhu soft hearted n sum1 u can turn to when u needed to talk..

fiza~ we were close back in 1st yr..despite kesengalan, she's actually a gud fren. evn kami dont have the same say in almost everything, bt we still get along well. juz, few things changed thru time. bt she's still sum1 u can count on, that's for sure..

e~ jejaka perasan..huhu evn mulut xda insurans, but he's nice. he used to be there for me back then during my hard times. i owe him a lot. sum1 yg byk dgr my probs n helped me alot..

don~ he's such a gud guy friend. pemerhati yg bagus. evn x ske bkata2, tp sgale nasihat yg dberi n teguran mmg bole d guna pkai..huhu

nthla, sbenarnye byk menda nk x tertulis, x terluah. juz so u guyz noe, regardless wut had happened, is happening or will happen to us, i still appreciates n luv u guys. korang la yg wat my 4 years kt cni worth it. n i noe, i nver can repay for the kindness. da la xle balas budi korang, lg cari pasal ade la..hmm

n aku pn tatau la korang akn baca x dis xpela..
i owe u all BIG..
n no one can replace korang sbb korang masing2 av different effect to my life. i nvr regret d day dat i now each 1 of u, malah i am thankful for d opprtunity.
arap after this we remains friends, i owez wish u d best.
cuz wuteva that makes every each of u happy, definitely put a smile in my face =)

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away