Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 4 is pushing 3 over the cliff

Selamat tinggal 2013
Thanks for what you have tought me
We've been through a lot..

And, like every year..the wish stays the same..

2014, please be good to me..

Happy New Year ;)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Going round again?


Haha memang peram je blog ni..datang dan pergi sesuka hati..

I was feeling a bit mellow these past few days.. without having a reason to..but i did anyway..

Tadi baca balik through my previous post.. i'm not sure, but it think i don't change that much. But in a way, i think i am a different person than i was years back

Surely, dah nak masuk tahun baru, penambahan umur mestilah ada. Tapi I do hope that I am wiser.

I still miss Kak Ida, I still cry whenever I came across things we used to do together or went to the place we used to go together. It never got easy to forget, after all, she's my sister. I will never forget her, never will.

Anyway, got a new job after i was being forced to resign. One door close, another opens. Right?

LilD still here, there. Still love him like i always did years ago. But i think i'm stronger now. He's happier with his family. Yeah, can't let him go nor have him. So, we still stuck?

Banyak nak buat, banyak nak cerita tapi kita ada banyak masa ke?
Anyway, i chose to cherish the moments that i have..regardless with who i spend it with.

Better off now. Feeling super lazy today.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

i am here

Was I wrong to be by your side when thing got rough, or should I just leave you alone with your own miseries?
Was I wrong to fight for you, to be with you or should I just let you drift away?

I might not be the pillar, your strength to keep you from falling to the ground, but I will never gonna leave you to face your hard time along

I rather be with you through the hardship, to share your pain than only exists in your glory days

I rather be unappreciated than being a trophy..
At least you know I was there, I was there by your side when the world was against you..

27 July 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

entahlah apa gunanya update


sebenarnya memang takda hati nak berblog
so, kenapa masih di sini?

saja teringat
teringat yang masih ada blog sebenarnya

nanti lah bila ada mood kita sambung
tak sambung takpe, tak penting..

Just keep swimming!

If you want move forward, something have to change. Alah, macam kita nak berjalan, kita kena melangkah, kena gerakkan kaki, makanya kaki kit...